Magoffin Home State Historic Site

Museum Exhibit or ProgramA striking adobe structure, Magoffin Home State Historic Site explores the stories of a multicultural family who actively participated in U.S. expansion and settlement, military service, trade on the Santa Fe–Chihuahua Trail, Civil War turmoil, and U.S.–Mexico relations. The 1875 home is a prime example of Territorial style architecture.
Source:Texas Historical Commission
Grade Level:Both
TEKS:4.17(B), 4.17(C), 4.19(A), 4.19(B), 7.5(B), 7.7(F), 7.9(C), 7.16(B), 7.19(A), 7.19(B), 7.19(C), 7.21(A)
Topics:Antebellum Texas, Civil War, Late Nineteenth-Century, Progressive Era, Texas in the 1920s

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