Fort Griffin State Historic Site

Museum Exhibit or ProgramHolding command over the Southern Plains, Fort Griffin served as one in a line of western defensive forts from 1867 to 1881. Among the ruins are a mess hall, barracks, first sergeant’s quarters, bakery, powder magazine and hand-dug well. Fort Griffin State Historic Site is also home to the Official State of Texas Longhorn Herd, the breed that helped create the Texas cowboy mystique. For a true taste of the old west, the site offers camping, fishing, hiking, stargazing and living history.
Source:Texas Historical Commission
Grade Level:Both
TEKS:4.4(A), 4.4(B), 4.4(C), 4.4(D), 4.9(A), 4.9(B), 4.9(C), 4.12(A), 4.12(B), 4.12(C), 4.12(E), 4.12(F), 7.6(A), 7.6(B), 7.10(A), 7.10(B)
Topics:Reconstruction, Late Nineteenth-Century

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