From Windmills to Wind Farms: Harnessing the Texas Wind

Lesson PlanStudents will study the impact of the use of windmills in Texas, both past and present. They will compare the use of this invention during the late 19th century to secure water for advancing settlements west with the use of windmills (turbines and wind farms) today to produce electricity. Students will explore the spread of the windmill across West Texas with the coming of the railroad and barbed wire. This lesson begins on page 76 of the pdf Building an Economy - The Texas Experience.
Source:Texas Council on Economic Education
Grade Level:4th Grade
TEKS:4.9(A), 4.12(B), 4.12(C), 4.12(F), 4.20(B), 4.21(A), 4.21(B)
Topics:Reconstruction, Late Nineteenth-Century, Progressive Era

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