Scarcity and Invention: Barbed Wire Comes to Texas

Lesson PlanStudents will look at the role of technological advances (in this case, barbed wire) in changing the economic activities of a region. They will examine cause-and-effect relationships of these changes and understand that the world is economically interdependent. Students will use the introduction of this new invention in Texas as an example of American ideas about progress and the role of creativity in the marketplace. This lesson begins on page 50 of the pdf Building an Economy - The Texas Experience.
Source:Texas Council on Economic Education
Grade Level:4th Grade
TEKS:4.8(C), 4.9(A), 4.12(B), 4.12(F), 4.13(A), 4.20(A), 4.21(A), 4.21(B)
Topics:Reconstruction, Late Nineteenth-Century

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