Lone Stars and Gun Smoke

Lesson PlanThe Texas Rangers have long been part of the myth and lore of Texas history. This Primary Source Adventure (PSA) explores the issue of bringing law and order to the frontier and the Texas-Mexican border. In 1874, after the end of Reconstruction, Texas Governor Richard Coke organized the Texas Ranger Frontier Battalion consisting of six Ranger companies under the command of Major John B. Jones.
Source:Portal to Texas History
Grade Level:Both
TEKS:4.4(B), 4.2(A), 4.19(A), 4.21(A), 4.21(B), 4.21(D), 4.22(E), 4.22(A), 4.22(B), 4.22(C), 4.22(D), 7.6(A), 7.9(A), 7.21(A), 7.21(B), 7.21(C), 7.21(D), 7.22(A), 7.22(B), 7.22(C), 7.22(D)
Topics:Texas Revolution, Republic of Texas, Antebellum Texas, Civil War

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