Jesus de la Teja

Speaker or PresenterTwo presentations available. 1. The Legacy of Spanish Texas deals with how the history of Spain in Texas and Mexico bears on modern Texas society. Architecture, language, economic activities, and foodways are focus of the presentation. 2. Tejanos and the Texas Revolution deals with the role of Tejanos in the period of revolutionary Texas. Their roles in the politics and military activities of the period are discussed, focusing on Juan Seguín and José Antonio Navarro.
Source:Texas State Historical Association
Grade Level:Both
TEKS:4.2(A), 4.2(B), 4.2(C), 4.2(E), 4.2(D), 4.10(B), 4.99(Z), 4.12(A), 4.14(B), 4.16(A), 4.19(A), 4.19(B), 4.19(C), 4.22(A), 4.23(A), 7.1(A), 7.1(B), 7.1(C), 7.2(B), 7.2(D), 7.3(A), 7.2(F), 7.3(B), 7.3(C), 7.4(A), 7.11(A), 7.18(A), 7.19(A), 7.19(B), 7.19(C), 7.21(D), 7.21(E), 7.23(A), 7.23(B)
Topics:Spanish Texas, Mexican Texas, Texas Revolution

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