Eisenhower Birthplace Museum

Museum Exhibit or ProgramCome celebrate the 70th birthday of the Eisenhower Birthplace! The Birthplace museum opened on April 20, 1946, when General Eisenhower returned to the house he was born in. Enjoy free thematic tours of the Birthplace house featuring the community’s efforts in purchasing the Birthplace house and getting it ready for General Eisenhower’s 1946 visit. See more at: http://www.thc.state.tx.us/news-events/events/eisenhower-birthplace-big-texas-breakfast-open-house#sthash.A0CRvgMv.dpuf
Source:Texas Historical Commission
Grade Level:Both
TEKS:4.4(C), 4.5(C), 4.17(D), 4.18(A), 4.18(B), 4.21(A), 4.21(B), 4.21(C), 7.6(A), 7.7(B), 7.7(C), 7.7(D), 7.7(E), 7.7(F), 7.18(A), 7.21(A), 7.21(B), 7.21(C), 7.21(D), 7.21(E)
Topics:Late Nineteenth-Century, Progressive Era, Texas in the 1920s, Great Depression, World War II, Texas Since World War II

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